Survey Information

CCNL is conducting a homeowner water consumption survey to assess water conservation levels in homes around St. John’s and surrounding areas. The goal is to assess current attitudes toward water conservation in areas that have recently experienced increased development.

CCNL is providing water conservation education and kits with water saving appliances to homeowners. More information on the study can be found below or by contacting the Water Resources and Conservation Coordinator, Katie Power by email: kpower@ccnl.ca or by phone: 709-729-7262.

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Benefits and Evaluation

This project seeks to advocate for increased water conservation in the province of NL. Our province currently has the highest per capita use of water in the country and is currently one of only a few places that does not mandate the use of water metering for it’s citizens.

Several urban areas that have recently experienced increasingly rapid development have been identified by the Water Resources Management Division of the province. These areas will thus experience, or are currently experiencing, substantial strain on water resources. Residents in these localities will benefit from knowledge of water conservation practices and resources.

The user consumption study will evaluate the current attitudes and level of water conservation awareness of residents in high priority areas. It will also help evaluate the effectiveness of water conservation education and promotions activities by gauging the public’s awareness of, interest in, and response to such activities. By offering conservation kits with water saving devices, in addition to general water conservation information, this study will also measure the public’s reception to using water saving devices.

Water Conservation Survey Promotion (Final Edited)