2017 CCNL Green Teams

In summer 2017, CCNL hosted Green Teams in communities across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Projects included many areas of environmental and cultural conservation, including community gardening, water quality assessment, cultural videography storytelling, tree planting, bioremediation, and more!
Autism Society GT 2017
Autism Society GT 2017 (2)

Autism Society NL Green Team

The Autism Society NL Green Team’s role is to maintain the gardens and grounds located at the Elaine Dobbin Center for Autism. The ASNL Green Team works together with ASNL employees and clients in their transitions program in this endeavour. The grounds to be maintained at the Dobbin Center by the ASNL Green Team consist of raised bed garden areas with over 40 beds in total, a fruit tree orchard, picnic areas, a berry garden, and a greenhouse. Food grown in the gardens is used by the Pantry cafe, located at the Dobbin Center main building. Together with employees of the Autism Society and clients in the transitions program, the ASNL Green Team performs maintenance duties on a daily basis. These duties include cleaning picnic areas, watering the garden beds and berry garden, weeding the gardens, planting seeds, and various other gardening and maintenance related duties.

Northeast Avalon ACAP Green Team

The Northeast Avalon ACAP Green Team will be completing beautification initiatives in the Kenmount Terrace neighborhood and it’s associated streams this summer. The team has conducted neighborhood cleanups near storm sewer outfalls, and will continue to coordinate collection with Clean St. John’s. As part of the Yellow Fish Road Project, the team has painted and will continue to paint yellow fish near storm drains in the area to raise neighborhood awareness about types of pollution entering storm drains and their negative effect on aquatic life and the environment. Along with the painting, the team will canvas the neighborhood with non point source pollution pamphlets, and Yellow Fish Road Door Hangers. Finally, the team will plant trees, shrubs, blue flag iris, and grass seed in suitable locations in the neighborhood. The plants will be watered and cared for accordingly. The team will also complete a social media campaign that will consist of a series of posters to raise awareness about important environmental issues and how they can be avoided. Several Environmental Awareness Events will be conducted throughout the summer to educate on Climate Change and how it’s changing the world, as we know it.
NAACAP GT 2017 (2)
NAACAP GT 2017 (3)
HR Grace GT 2017
HR Grace GT 2017 (2)

Town of Harbour Grace Green Team

The Harbour Grace Green Team has two separate focuses this summer. Firstly, the group has worked to build and maintain a community garden in the town. The team coordinated with the residents of the community to create a friendly environment that helps participants from the community learn new and nurture existing agricultural skills. This project is just a smaller part of the much larger picture, which is to promote healthy living and eating within the community. Secondly, the team has worked to complete an inventory and conduct research on the built and cultural heritage of Harbour Grace. This project is part of a larger project to gather and store all information for future generations, which will be used to advance the economic development plan for the downtown core of the community.

Stella's Circle Green Team

For a second season, the Stella’s Circle Green Team’s main focus this summer was building, and installing garden boxes for members of the community interested in growing their own organic vegetables, thus bettering the environment. The team installed garden beds at over 18 locations within the metro area over the course of the season. In addition to installing gardens around the community, the Stella’s Circle Green team was also responsible for the maintenance of the Bonaventure Garden’s at King’s Gate Condominiums. The team has mastered landscaping, rebuilt the greenhouse, moved last year’s boxes to sunnier locations, replanted the vegetables in past installs, and started new installs with the garden boxes that the team made from scratch at Mullock. As well, the team laid mulch around the garden boxes, and made a rock path to make the area more presentable and available to the community. Lastly, at the end of the season the team participated in environmental awareness events to educate the public on topics such as, climate change, water conservation and community gardening.
Stella’s Circle GT 2017
Stella’s Circle GT 2017 (2)
CBS GT 2017 (2)
CBS GT 2017
CBS GT 2017 (3)

CBS Parks Commission Green Team

The CBS Green Team worked on several important projects throughout the town in collaboration with the Town of CBS, and several local non-profit organizations. To start off the summer, the team participated in trail maintenance and river evaluation and remediation initiatives at Manuels River. The team also assisted staff in preparing for the annual Watch Your Bobber Race which took place on July 6th, 2017. The second focus of the CBS Green Team was gardening and trail maintenance at Chamberlain’s Park. This project resulted in significant beautification of the area. Throughout this project, the team completed the Hillside Garden in Chamberlain’s Park. The construction of the garden was completed in various stages which began with the placement of topsoil and gravel, and with later stages including planting and mulching. The team assisted in the layout of borders along the trail as well as digging a trench to divert water from the Outdoor Classroom. Furthermore, the team assisted in river surveys and enhancements of the Lower Gully and Kelligrews Rivers. They also purposed gardening duties, working towards the beautification of the Foxtrap Marina. Throughout the summer, the Green team has also been able to reach out to groups of children and deliver environmental awareness events. These events aim to educate younger generations about the importance of participating in earth friendly initiatives.

Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Green Team

This summer, the PCSP Green Team worked to obtain baseline data on the water quality in various streams and ponds in the community. Every week, the team visited a variety of sampling sites where they would collect a water sample, obtain data values for temperature, depth, and speed, and note any other observations such as the presence of algae or fish in the water. The team would then test each water sample to obtain pH, phosphate, and nitrate values. The collected data was then compared between sites and compiled in a formal report for presentation to the Town. The aim of the report was to summarize the findings, as well as to identify the mains areas of concern for follow up by the town of Portugal Cove- St. Philip’s. In addition to the water quality assessment, the Green Team participated in the Spruce Budworm Tracking Program. A trap was set up in a wooded area near the team’s workplace, and it was checked every week to see if any Spruce Budworms had been in the area. This program has been a major endeavor in assisting Balsam Fir and Spruce tree conservation in Eastern Canada.
PCSP GT 2017 (2)
PCSP GT 2017
PCSP GT 2017 (3)
SCCC GT 2017
SCCC GT 2017 (2)

Smallwood Crescent Community Centre Green Team

The Smallwood Crescent Community Centre Green Team has spent this summer working on beautification initiatives around various neighborhood in Marystown. Through community cleanups, upkeep of green spaces, and planting initiatives, the team worked hard to make Marystown a more enjoyable and beautiful place to explore and enjoy. The team is also attempting to upkeep the natural wildlife habitat in the region. The team is working in collaboration with Ducks Unlimited to evaluate existing duck boxes, and repair these boxes where necessary. The Smallwood team has worked diligently to re-stain garden boxes, plant flowers, and paint signage around the Smallwood Crescent Community Centre. They have also engaged youth in the region through Environmental Awareness Events, including a scavenger hunt, and various presentations on climate change and water conservation.

City of Mount Pearl Green Team

The Mount Pearl Green Team worked alongside the City of Mount Pearl in expanding the Forest Avenue community garden this summer. The expansion included constructing eight new raised garden boxes, enhancing the longevity of the garden, constructing new signage and landscaping. The Forest Avenue community garden was successfully opened last year by the 2016 Mount Pearl Green Team. The garden has been extremely popular with the residents of and there has been a high demand for the addition of new boxes. Community gardens benefit the city through promoting healthy eating, an active lifestyle, and creating residential connections. The Team also had the opportunity to participate in the Conservation Corps Growing Through the Ages program. A hydroponics unit was purchased by Conservation Corps NL through Enactus Memorial’s SucSeed program. The unit can produce up to 700lbs of food in a year, operating at a cost of less than $2 per week. Additionally, Environmental Awareness Events were conducted around the city at day camps and events such as Mount Pearl City Days. The events aim to spread environmental awareness to youth on topics ranging from the team’s community garden initiative, to climate change. This focus of the Environmental Awareness Events reflects the City’s desire to educate youth about maintaining and improving the environment.
Mount Pearl GT 2017
Mount Pearl GT 2017 (2)
Mount Pearl GT 2017 (3)
Lewisporte GT 2017
Lewisporte GT 2017 (2)

Town of Lewisporte Green Team

This year, the Lewisporte Green Team’s projects included; cleaning up and taking care of, the Train Park, Community Garden, Playground, First Avenue Playground, and Boardwalk. Our project began by weeding and picking up garbage around the Train Park, and Community Garden. We also picked up garbage and repaired parts of the Boardwalk, and painted the fence around the First Avenue Playground. We feel that having these areas as clean as possible will help beautify the Town and help sustain the environment in the community. By keeping these areas clean, people will be more inclined to visit theses parts of Lewsiporte, and are able to interact and build relationships within the community. A very large part of our project was our EAE presentations. We presented to Pleasentview Manor seniors home, the Summer Sports Program, and New-Fun-Land pre-school. We did five presentations for these groups about water conservation, climate change, and our projects. By talking to people about these topics, we feel they realized how serious climate change and water conservation are, and that they can make a difference just like our Green Team.

Miawpukek First Nation Green Team

The Conne River Green Team’s project is based on the Clay Banks located in the Town of Conne River. This summer we worked on the bioremediation of the clay banks that are located along the walking trails at the McDonalds Field. The Clay bank that we are working on is connected to a popular walking trail, and is near the playground along with the new location of the school. The bioremediation project was divided into several steps including, the tying of the gabion cages- to be filled with rocks; the making of the wattle fences on the clay bank; collecting trees in a different location; and planting said trees along the tops of the wattle fences. From this, the trees planted will help as natural reinforcement and the wattle fences will stabilize the bank as well. The Conne River Green Team was an active participant in Environmental Awareness Events which educated the youth of the community about climate change. The Team worked alongside youth camps and the annual Powwow to educate youth - all while still having fun.
Conne River GT 2017
Conne River GT 2017 (2)
Port Blandford GT 2017
Port Blandford GT 2017 (2)

Town of Port Blandford Green Team

The Port Blandford Green Team worked hard throughout the summer doing a variety of projects in their community. A substantial effort was taken to maintain and expand the existing community garden and engage residents. The team weeded the pathways around the raised beds making it more accessible to gardeners, spread new topsoil and removed weeds from the garden boxes. Throughout the summer regular maintenance has been conducted to keep the garden in great shape. The team also worked to maintain heritage sites throughout the town. These sites are a great tourist attraction to the community and provide historical information to visitors. . In total, 7 heritage sites were maintained and enhanced through the work of the Green Team. The team also engaged children in learning about the environment and Conservation Corps programs by starting a youth community gardening program. This program runs every Friday morning and children are educated and involved in planting, composting, and ways to begin “seed saving”. Using their creative talents, the team also initiated a music program to teach local youth how to play the ukulele.

Carmanville Habitat Commission Green Team

The Carmanville Green Team had a number of objectives this summer. Our major focus was repairing and maintaining the walking trail that surrounds Carmanville Pond. The team regularly cut tall grass that was protruding onto the trail; cut low hanging alders and other branches that protruded onto the trail; painted viewing decks; and spread mulch on areas of the trail that had been washed out. The team also assisted with the expansion and operation of the community garden located at the Town Office. We regularly collected compostable materials from the local grocery store and added it to the two composters located near the community garden. In addition to this, we regularly watered each community garden box and removed weeds. Another notable project we undertook was regular maintenance of the local senior’s home garden boxes. We regularly assisted with composting, weeding, and watering of the vegetable and flower boxes located there. Other small projects included: setting up and monitoring Pine Marten hair snag traps in various locations throughout the trail; setting up and monitoring our Spruce Budworm trap; monitoring flora and fauna seen on the trail; assisting in the daily operations of the Interpretation Centre; and conducting various EAE’s at different locations throughout the town.
Carmanville GT 2017
Carmanville GT 2017 (3)
Carmanville GT 2017 (2)
ACAP Humber Arm GT 2017
ACAP Humber Arm GT 2017 (2)

ACAP Humber Arm Green Team

The goal of the ACAP Humber Arm Green Team was to stabilize a 150-metre section of South Brook that was identified as being substantially impacted by erosion. The team collected a variety of information, including water quality parameters, water depth, velocity, stream bank classification and presence of fish. The team installed rock rip rap, silt traps, and planted a variety of vegetation along the banks of the identified section of the stream. The entire restoration/stabilization process was photo documented, before, during and after work was completed. The Team conducted several Environmental Awareness Events, which included a presentation, delivery of games, arts and crafts, and other activities. In addition, a stream cleanup of Young’s Brook was held on July 15th, 2017. From 10am to 12pm, volunteers from the Town of Pasadena were involved in removing litter and debris from Young’s Brook.

Vine Place Community Centre Green Team

At the Vine Place Community Centre, the Green Team worked on fixing up the existing community garden boxes, planted fruit and veggies, and kept the community clean. Along with the Vine Place Centre the team rejuvenated the garden boxes at the Carter Ave Centre. The team worked with the summer recreation program to educate children and involved them in the garden. Community Gardens are important in promoting food security and independence. The team took care of the garden by weeding and watering daily. It took a lot of work to get the boxes in a condition that was suitable for a garden. We replaced a few boards to increase stability and added bags of soil to build up the nutrients in the garden. In addition to the garden boxes the green team constructed greenhouse covers to aid in the growth of the garden. This expedited food production along with extending the harvest season into the fall and possibly into the early winter depending on the plants. Over the course of this project the team also cleaned up the community by picking up trash and cleaning up the basketball court. There was a significant decrease in the level of liter on the ground over the summer due to the hard work of the Green Team.
Vine Place GT 2017
Vine Place GT 2017 (2)
Flat Bay GT 2017
Flat Bay GT 2017 (2)

No'kmaq Village Green Team

The Nok'maq village film studio, Captive Expressions, in association with it's Green teammembers worked on various films and documentaries preserving the culture of the Mik'maq people. During the annual Bay St. George Powwow event, the film crew shot multiple scenes to show the culture of their ancestors for future generations. They also interviewed several aboriginal Elders, dancers, singers, and visitors to get their input on the Powwow, and gather their wisdom. The team also worked on a documentary surrounding heating appliances and the environment. The short film dicussed the environmentally friendly pellet stove, compared to other forms of heating. The team did a variety of creative short films in various genres, and aided in other film projects for Nok'maq village, such as an aboriginal language series and the Tajike'k film.

St. Anthony & Area Boys & Girls Club Green Team

The main goals of the St. Anthony Green Team for this summer wer to construct and maintain several gardens in our community, and to teach the youth of St. Anthony skills and knowledge about gardening and environmental responsibility. The children involved with local summer programs have been involved with construction of the 3 community gardens. In addition to outdoor gardens, the team installed a hydroponic garden system which will produce healthy vegetation all year long. These systems are easily maintained and easily accessible to everyone allowing anyone who wants to participate access, regardless of age or physical ability. The team invested considerable effort to teach local youth about the effects of climate change, and how everyone can make a difference through Environmental Awareness Events and other fun actives planned throughout the summer. Just a few of these activities include recycled container flower pots, recycled bird feeders, and a variety of fun games that are both educational and engaging. The members of this team have learned so much and have been encouraged to make a difference in protecting our planet. The team is also proud to have made a difference in the lives of local youth who will now continue to apply what they have learned about climate change and gardening!
St. Anthony GT 2017 (3)
St. Anthony GT 2017 (2)
St. Anthony GT 2017