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How does the Green Team Program work?

The Green Team Program offers youth meaningful employment opportunities in a supportive team setting. Green Teams focus on local environmental and cultural projects developed in partnership with communities, organizations, and corporate partners.


What to expect from the Green Team Program


CCNL is committed to the values and benefits of true partnership.  Collaboration and communication ensure that each project’s overall design and implementation meets the needs and standards of all partners.


Green Team size and duration of employment can vary, but most Green Teams consist of four youth aged 16-30. Typically 1 Team Leader and 3 Team Members will work during the summer season for 8 weeks.

Environment or Culture

Green Team projects will focus on the environmental or cultural heritage conservation goals of the partner organization. Projects should directly or indirectly benefit the communities in which they take place.


Project selection takes place in the late winter and early spring each year and is a competitive process.  Genuine attempts will be made each year to share Green Team resources throughout the province.  20-25 projects are selected and completed each year.

Training Camp

Youth who are selected to work on Green Teams will attend Green Team Training Camp during the first week of their employment term.  This training will equip them to safely and effectively work on their project, and provide a variety of skill development opportunities.


CCNL assigns considerable responsibility to the young people on each Green Team in order to strengthen motivation, self-reliance, and leadership.  The Team Leader and his/her Regional Supervisor will oversee the day-to-day work activities of the Team.


Take a look at some of our past projects!

"We’ve had a wonderful experience with the green team. It’s just allowed us to do so much more than we would normally be able to do in the run of a summer. I think they [the youth of the team] have learned a lot too, as well as being able to give us a much needed helping hand."

-Linda Bailet, Green Team Community Partner (2015)


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