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What is the ECHO Program?

We are currently accepting proposals from potential community partners for 2018 ECHO projects. Click here to open the 2018 ECHO Project Application form and visit the ECHO Application Guide for further details.

The Environmental and Cultural Hiring Opportunity (ECHO) provides non-profit organizations, community groups and municipalities an opportunity to apply for up to two students, on a project focusing on environmental or cultural heritage conservation.

ECHO allows for meaningful, paid employment opportunities for students, while supporting important cultural and environmental initiatives in communities throughout the province.


What to expect from the ECHO program


CCNL will advocate on your behalf with the goal of secure Canada Summer Jobs funding for an environmental or cultural project that serves the objectives of your group or community.


Employees must be between the ages of 15-30 and must be returning students.


CCNL will manage training, supervision, payroll and reporting responsibilities for your students, and will support the development and implementation of your project.

IMG_5579 ECHO Student Graham Creates Video Project (2016)
27969012523_0dc658aac4_o ECHO Student Sarah worked with the Heritage Foundation of NL
27925315563_04d395c963_o ECHO Student Kaitlyn performed resettlement monologues in Arnold's Cove (2016)
28211451976_cd19359867_o ECHO Student Kara worked at By the Bay Museum in Lewisporte (2016)
28320796053_bc90588417_o ECHO Student Laura worked with (2016)
In Carmanville, 2 ECHO students worked on community gardens (2016)


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