Adele Poynter Memorial

Award Overview

This award was established in memory of Adele Poynter, founding Chairperson of Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador and chairperson for over a decade. This award is intended to continue Adele’s commitment to community leadership and dedication to the environment and cultural resources of the province by providing financial support to select youth who have demonstrated the same commitment and passion in their academic work, paid work and volunteer activities.

2018 Winner

Congratulations to Arielle Przybysz, the winner of CCNL's 2nd annual Adele Poynter Memorial Award.

2018 Adele Poynter Winner

Executive Director Darren Feltham presents the 2nd annual Adele Poynter Memorial Award to winner Arielle Przybysz.

2017 Winner

Congratulations to Alexandra Hayward, the winner of CCNL's inaugural Adele Poynter Memorial Award. Alexandra is currently entering her third year of an undergraduate program at MUN majoring in Ecology & Conservation Biology and minoring in Geography.

Alexandra Hayward is a truly outstanding individual that has shown and continues to show strong community leadership and dedication to the environment. A few of her many volunteer roles in connection with environmental volunteerism include: being a member of her high school Environmental Club, engaging the community through the David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour, starting a student newspaper with many environmental articles, and serving as an Environmental Representative for the Biology Undergraduate Society.

Alexandra's employment has also been connected to the environment, with roles such as a WISE SSEP Program where she assisted in puffin research, a MUCEP position that involved in assisting in wolf behaviour research, a restoration and research position with NAACAP and work on two separate CCNL Green Teams.

Alex Hayward – Adele Poynter Memorial Award Winner

VOCM news attended CCNL's 25th anniversary celebration event in August 2017, where the winner of the Adele Poynter Memorial Award was announced.

About Adele

Adele held a B.Sc. (Hon) in Geology from Memorial University and a Master's in Resource Management from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. She started out working for Gulf Oil in Calgary and returned to Newfoundland to work for the province's Petroleum Directorate, before being appointed a Commissioner with the Economic Recovery Commission in 1990 by then Premier Clyde Wells. Passionate about the environment and community, one of her proudest achievements while at the ERC was the establishment of the Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador.

When the Commission's work ended, Adele worked as a consultant for several years before returning to her roots in Geology as the Executive Director of the Johnson Geo Centre - a position that combined her talents as a geologist and corporate leader and allowed her to spread her enthusiasm for the history and geology of Newfoundland.

Adele's personal interests were numerous and diverse - a woman for all seasons. She loved the ski hill, the tennis court, making jewelry, and singing in choirs, while passionately debating political-economic policies for Newfoundland or serving on national environmental boards such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Adele had a passionate personality, a big heart and a sharp sense of humour that drew people to her. Adele’s positive outlook on the world and industrious and caring nature lives through the work and people of the Conservation Corps to this day.

About the Adele Poynter Memorial Award

The Adele Poynter Memorial Award will be awarded to a youth who is a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador and who has demonstrated an active commitment to the environment or cultural resources of the province through their volunteer/work activities.

A cash prize of $1000 will be awarded to the successful recipient of the award. In accepting the award the recipient will provide a photograph and short bio that will be displayed on CCNL’s Adele Poynter Memorial Award webpage and CCNL’s social media sites. The award winners may list the honour on their resumes.

Award Eligibility

Quality of submission (GPA will not be qualifying criteria); residents of Newfoundland and Labrador; youth between the ages of 16 to 30; individuals who have demonstrated an active commitment to the environment or cultural resources of the province through their volunteer/work activities are encouraged to apply for this award.

Award Application

A call for applications for the Adele Poynter Memorial Award will take place in the Spring of each year.

Those wishing to apply for 2018 can download the Application Form here.

The deadline for applications is August 3rd, 2018.